Amy Vs. Bernadette Vs Penny

Which BIG BANG THEORY babe is the hottest?




Chev Chelios Vs. Machete






Grind House

Classic Uhura Vs. New Uhura






TV A-Team Vs. Movie A-Team

Which one would you call if you have a problem and could find them?







The Walking Dead Vs. True Blood

Which show scares the yell out of you?



Same Song Vs. Humpty Dance


Scarlett Johansson In A Chair Vs. Jason Statham In A Chair

Blade vs. Jack Crow

In Episode 127 of Better In The Dark: NOT ALL BAD DOGS HOWL AT THE MOON–THE CAREER OF JAMES WOODS  Thomas Deja and I get into a pretty spirited discussion involving one of our favorite James Woods character: Jack Crow, the badass, Vatican sanctioned fearless vampire killer from the John Carpenter directed “Vampires”

Tom and I kick it around for a while as to what would happen if Jack Crow had to take out Blade, the human/vampire hybrid played by Wesley Snipes who protects mankind from vampires.  So feared is he among vampires that he has become legend among them, known as The Daywalker.

I’m not gonna tell you how the discussion ended save to direct you to listen to the episode yourself and if you can get past the shouted out interjections, hurled racial slurs and disparaging remarks made about our respective mommas, you’ll find out what we think.  But what do you think?  Who would come out on top in a Jack Crow vs. Blade battle?

Kathryn Bigelow vs. Linda Hamilton

Well, they don’t really versus each other in the poll in the conventional sense but it did get your attention, didn’t it?

Lemme explain: My partner Tom Deja and I recorded a new episode of BETTER IN THE DARK earlier today where we inducted Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow into The BiTD Pantheon of Great Great (Wo)Men.  During the discussion Tom put forth that in his eyes, by James Cameron divorcing Kathryn Bigelow and marrying Linda Hamilton, he traded down.  I say he traded neither up nor down but sideways.  Well, as usual when Tom and I argue, slurs were hurled, mothers insulted, interjections shouted and nothing settled.

So I’m throwing it over to you guys, the loyal BiTD fans.  Is Linda Hamilton as hot as Kathryn Bigelow or not?  Vote below and I’ll present the verdict on a future episode of BETTER IN THE DARK.  Thanks!