Billy Jack Goes To Washington

1977 Taylor-Laughlin Directed by Tom Laughlin Produced by Frank Capra, Jr. Written by Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor See, it’s one thing when Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) goes into a two or three minute monologue about how he’s gonna kick ass and takes his time removing his socks and boots before doing so. Given the […]

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The Trial of Billy Jack

1974 Taylor-Laughlin/Warner Bros. Directed by Tom Laughlin Produced by Joe Cramer Written by Frank Christina and Teresa Christina There’s a couple of great fight scenes that are equal to the ice cream parlor and battle in the park scenes in the first “Billy Jack.” One of the fight scenes even has the Great Great Man […]

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Billy Jack

1971 National Student Film Corporation/Warner Bros. Directed by T.C. Frank Produced by Mary Rose Solti Written by Frank Christina and Theresa Christina Don’t get me wrong…I do understand why modern day movie fans who weren’t even a glimmer in the eyes of their parents back in 1971 have a hard time understanding why this movie […]

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