Better In The Dark #155 and #156

It’s time for The Boys Outta Brooklyn to enter the BITD Coroner’s Office and cut open another media enterprise.  This time out it’s Fox Television’s serial killing Bag O’ Stupid, THE FOLLOWING!  Join Tom and Derrick as they explain how this Kevin Bacon vehicle violates simple narrative principles, and why Kevin Williamson needs to get kicked in the butt ever day.  And if that isn’t enough–what’s up with our dynamic duo at the end of this episode!  You know an English accent doesn’t make you evil, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
Episode 156: BITD Autopsy On The 2014 Season In Song
The Boys Outta Brooklyn returns to the Coroner’s Office for the second episode in a row, this time to tackle the latest TV season. Find out what Tom and Derrick think about racist Martin Mull, cosplay Eliza Dushku, Anna Faris’ Adventures in Chuck Lorre Land, and James Spader’s Lex Luthoring. All this, plus a rather longish digression into the nature of pop music, including Tom saying nice things about Katy Perry! You know there’s life after Auto-Tune, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark #154: The Sunshine Evictors Who Own Lisa And The Baby Homebodies (With Special Guest Des Reddick!)

Better In The Dark Episode # 154: THE SUNSHINE EVICTORS WHO OWN LISA AND THE BABY HOMEBODIES (With Special Guest Des Reddick!)
Once more The Boys Outta Brooklyn unite with their Brother From The North for a special 70’s themed Obscure Horror Movies Episode!  Join us as we discuss films about murderous old people, blind marauders, lollipop-sucking devils and adult babies.  Plus gratuitous Don Cheadle Ass, the question of who killed who in Electra Glide In Blue and the new reality series Satanic Orgy House! You know you don’t want Zalman King pulling on your wig, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark# 152.5: BITD’S On The Box Office Grosses Of Destruction

In this messy show, Tom and Derrick looks at the rather epic levels of carnage in this year’s summer blockbuster and wonders…is it too much?  Are we being desensitized to all this damage?  Is it fair for Hollywood to call back to 9/11 for lazy affirmation of their plot developments?  And why is Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM a more responsible film than Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL?  All this, plus the Superman sequel Tom really wants to see!  You know you don’t want to wander Tokyo carrying a red shoe, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to Twitter us at @BITDShow!)


Better In The Dark #152: Upstream Video: Navigating Netflix Streaming with Guest Host Adam Orchekowski

Netflix Streaming may be the greatest thing to happen to movie fans since VHS, but there’s so much to see that The Boys Outta Brooklyn enlisted the aid of that Instant Depths videonaut Adam Orchekowski to help our listeners discover the gems hidden within that service.  Along the way, the trio celebrate The Kids In The Hall, Tim Roth, The Apple, DC Animation and so much more!  It’s an hour plus of great film conversation you don’t want to miss.  You know you don’t want to become a chicken, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark #151: The Terrors Outside His Window: The Career of Richard Matheson

The Boys Outta Brooklyn mark the passing of one of the greatest genre writers ever to work a typewriter by posthumously inducting Richard Matheson into The Hall of Great, Great Men.  Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss key films both inspired by and written by Matheson, talk about the way he helped bring horror fiction into the living room and gives out some writing advice.  You don’t want to be chased around by some freaking Zuni Fetish Doll, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark #150: Better In The Dark Versus Listener Homework!

To celebrate our latest milestone, The Boys Outta Brooklyn review a quartet of movies assigned to us by the members of the Better In The Dark Facebook Page.  Listen as Derrick tries to figure out the time travel conumdrums of Primer,  Tom extols the joys of Dancing Charles Durning and both of them field questions about Howard Hawks, potential Marvel recasts and the episodes they’d like to re-record.  All this, plus…leopard!   You don’t want teacher to get pissed off, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Richard Matheson (February 20, 1926-June 23, 2013)

In honor of the passing of Richard Matheson, a Great, Great Man…our examination of the filmic adaptations of one of his greatest works:

title i am legend


The Guys Outta Brooklyn spend some time waiting for the end of the world by examining the classic Richard Matheson novella I Am Legend and its three adaptations. Each of these trio of films are very different in tone and approach, and Tom and Derrick will compare and contrast them all. From the black-as-pitch black and white melodrama of The Last Man on Earth to Charlton Heston kicking ass in The Omega Man to Will Smith and his dog trying to survive in I Am Legend, we cover them all! Plus some talk about mixing animation and live action, and Tom is vindicated when Derrick finally watches the Kristen Bell tragedy Pulse. Bare those teeth like you mean it–get to clicking!