Richard Matheson (February 20, 1926-June 23, 2013)

In honor of the passing of Richard Matheson, a Great, Great Man…our examination of the filmic adaptations of one of his greatest works:

title i am legend


The Guys Outta Brooklyn spend some time waiting for the end of the world by examining the classic Richard Matheson novella I Am Legend and its three adaptations. Each of these trio of films are very different in tone and approach, and Tom and Derrick will compare and contrast them all. From the black-as-pitch black and white melodrama of The Last Man on Earth to Charlton Heston kicking ass in The Omega Man to Will Smith and his dog trying to survive in I Am Legend, we cover them all! Plus some talk about mixing animation and live action, and Tom is vindicated when Derrick finally watches the Kristen Bell tragedy Pulse. Bare those teeth like you mean it–get to clicking!


Better In The Dark #148



Episode 148: GILT EDGED BONDS–SKYFALL! (Guest Host–Russ Anderson)
A new James Bond film hit the theaters last year, which means a new edition of Gilt Edged Bonds (ironically also recorded last year).  Join Tom and Derrick as they welcome Russ ‘I liked Quantum of Boredom’ Anderson to dissect the Bond Rubber Match for Daniel Craig.  Does this new entry prove that the Reign Of Craig shakes with awesomeness or is stirred with suckitude?  Why is the pet name The Boys Outta Brooklyn have for his second film inaccurate?  How does this Bond stack up against the classic versions of the show?  You know you don’t want to waste good scotch, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Better In The Dark #146: Rock The Sunset Delusion Where The Crimson Contenders Lie


It’s time for the 2013 edition of The Obscure Movie Episode!  Join Tom and Derrick as they present their annual six-pack of films you might not otherwise know about.  From the southwest noir Delusion to the Hollywood action thriller Sunset to the animated epic (that almost destroyed a Canadian movie studio) Rock and Rule, the Guys Outta Brooklyn cover a wide range of genres.  Plus talk about rats, New Year’s Eve, gullible football players and…Big Electric Cat!  You know we’re the hottest
thing since World War Three, so get to clicking!





In This Point Five Episode, Tom and Derrick discuss rumors of a recent meeting between David Lynch and NBC concerning a revival of Twin Peaks. The Guys Outta Brooklyn talk about the mystique this legendary cult television show had, whether it’s possible to recreate that mystique, and what the hazards of returning to past triumphs might be. Plus Derrick becomes gobstopped at the prospect of The Beautiful One Elect! You know you don’t want to get wrapped in plastic, so get to clicking!


Better In The Dark #145

Episode 145: BITD PUTS THE BOLTS TO FRANKENSTEIN! (Guest Host: Lord Blood Rah)
In this episode, The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally start on a journey long ago, where they examine the trend-setting Universal Monster Movie Cycle with the Frankenstein films. Join Tom, Derrick and the returning Lord Blood Rah as they discuss the series and the people involved with bring Mary Shelley’s characters to life…and go into some really dark territories concerning Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. You know you don’t want to do things for people, so get to clicking!



The journey the Boys Outta Brooklyn started back in Episode 34 is getting closer to completion as Tom and Derrick discuss the first  two films of The Reign of Craig. They examine how Bond was re-imagined for the 21st century, and how the unconventional choice of Daniel Craig fit the remit for change. They really like one film, hate the other one, and then talk about the present situation with MGM and what it bodes for the world’s longest-running movie franchise. All this, plus a little disagreement on the hotness of Karen Gillan, a major announcement, and the revelation of what the letters in QUANTUM stand for. It’s a six-head’s worth of fun, so get to clicking!

Better In The Dark #83: Since No One Else Is Around: The DIE HARD Series



The Guys Outta Brooklyn welcome Tennessee’s own Donovan Morgan Grant to pay tribute to the Action Movie Everyman, John McClane. The trio cover all four films in the series, from the trendsetting DIE HARD to the befuddlingly superheroic LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Plus, because we never stay on point when we’ve got a guest star, the guys get to talking about scripted “reality shows,” the massive ego of Steven Seagal, and why moviemakers don’t know jack about cyber-terrorists. Plus, we announce a new contest where you can win some cool books and plot the next installment of McClane’s adventures! Welcome to the party, pal – and get to clicking!