Soylent Green: A Mark Bousquet Review

I’ve never watched SOYLENT GREEN because I know how it ends. Dumb. If you are like me and have avoided watching the movie because you know the big twist (which I won’t give away on the odd chance you’ve never heard of the film), rectify that mistake. Because while I knew where SOYLENT ended up, […]


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The Ten Commandments

1956 Paramount Pictures Directed and Narrated by Cecil B. DeMille Produced by Cecil B. DeMille and Henry Wilcoxon Screenplay by Aeneas MacKenzie, Jesse L. Lasky, Jr., Jack Gariss and Fredric M. Frank Based on “Prince of Egypt” by Dorothy Clarke Wilson “Pillar of Fire: by J.H. Ingraham “On Eagle’s Wings” by A.E. Southon and The […]

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