Loosely Exactly Nicole

2016 MTV Created by Christian Lander/Christine Zander Executive Producer: Ave Gilbert Producer: Christian Lander Season 1/10 Episodes I know what you’re thinking (to quote my favorite TV private eye Thomas Magnum) “why is Derrick reviewing a TV show? He reviews movies!” Well, that’s true but since this is my blog I reserve the right to […]

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1984 Canon Films/MGM/UA Entertainment Company Directed by Joel Silberg Produced by Allen DeBevoise/David Zito Screenplay by Charles Parker/Allen DeBevoise/Gerald Scaife Music by Michael Boyd/Gary Remal Those of you who have listened to episodes of Better In the Dark where Tom Deja and I talk about 1980s movies already know how I feel about BREAKIN’. I’ve […]

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Miracle Mile

1988 Hemdale Film Corporation Written and Directed by Steven De Jarnatt Produced by John Daly/Derek Gibson Music by Tangerine Dream Okay. Two things before I get into the story synopsis and summery part of the review. Bear with me for a bit, okay? First off, I do not care a poobah’s pizzle about spoilers. Really, […]

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Billy Jack Goes To Washington

1977 Taylor-Laughlin Directed by Tom Laughlin Produced by Frank Capra, Jr. Written by Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor See, it’s one thing when Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) goes into a two or three minute monologue about how he’s gonna kick ass and takes his time removing his socks and boots before doing so. Given the […]

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The Last Dragon

1985 Motown Productions/TriStar Pictures Directed by Michael Schultz  Produced by Berry Gordy Written by Louis Venost I’ve got a personal cosmology in my head that is kinda like the celebrated and legendary Wold Newton Universe created by the science fiction master Philip Jose Farmer. I connect movies, TV shows, comic books, pulp characters together in […]

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A Picture Of You

2013 Medium 10-12 Written and Directed by J.P. Chan Based on a story by J.P. Chan and Jo Mei Produced by Duane Anderson/J.P. Chan /Robert M. Chang/Yasmine Gomez I will frequently get into arguments with my Facebooks friends who are also rabid movie fans over one simple thing. We’ll be discussing movies and our movie […]

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