Point Blank: A Mark Bousquet Review

An intense meditation on manhood and loneliness, POINT BLANK is a stylish thriller directed by John Boorman and starring Lee Marvin. An adaptation of Donald Westlake’s first Parker novel, The Hunter, Marvin growls and stares and sulks his way through one of his best pictures. Walker (renamed from the novel) is tough guy criminal who’s […]

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HARLOTS 2017-2019 3 Seasons/24 Episodes Monumental Pictures Created by Alison Newman/Moira Buffini Based on “The Covent Garden Ladies” by Hallie Rubenhold Available for streaming on Hulu My wife Patricia greatly enjoyed “Bridgerton” as did millions of others and so she cast about the other streaming services looking for something similar. A few days later I […]

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One Night In Miami…

2020 Snoot Entertainment/ABKCO/Amazon Studios Directed by Regina King Screenplay by Kemp PowersBased on “One Night In Miami” by Kemp Powers Produced by Jess Wu Calder/Keith Calder/Jodi Klein Music by Terence Blanchard Cinematography by Tami Reiker Edited by Tariq Anwar Not being a filmmaker, I can only imagine how a director would go about directing a […]

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Sylvie’s Love

2020 Jam21 Entertainment/Seven Word Letter Films/Amazon Studios Written and Directed by Eugene Ashe Produced by Eugene Ashe/Nnamdi Asomugha/Gabrielle Glore/Jonathan Baker/Matthew Thurm Music by Fabrice Lecomte Cinematography by Declan Quinn Edited by Dana Congdon While it isn’t necessary to be familiar with the films of Douglas Sirk to enjoy SYLVIE’S LOVE it also doesn’t hurt to […]

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