The Ferguson Theater is open for business

Greetings and Salutations.  And welcome to The Ferguson Theater.  I’m so glad you decided to visit and spend some time here.  If you’re an oldtimer, hang out for a while while I clue in the the newbies as to what the dilly-o is around these parts.

For those of you new here, I’m your host, Derrick Ferguson and this is where I give you the obligatory explanation as to why I’m taking up your valuable time and Internet space here.

If you’re not at all familiar with me then let me say that the only reason this is here is because I’m into movies.  Big time.  On a good day I watch at least one movie, either a new one I’ve never seen before or an old favorite.  On a really good day I watch four.  And then every so often, usually during the summer months my wife Patricia and I will have all-night movie marathons at home.  And don’t let it be the winter months where it’s frigid for a week at a time.  I go absolutely nuts making up my own marathons.  So yeah, I guess you could say I like movies.  A lot.

Eventually, because I am a writer, that led me to write movie reviews.  A lot of movie reviews.  I posted them on various websites over the years and that grew to be really confusing for people good enough to give me feedback and let me know they enjoyed reading my opinions on movies even if they didn’t agree with what I had to say.

And that leads us to The Ferguson Theater.  Over the years folks emailed me asking why don’t I put all my movie reviews on one website, blog, whatever since they’ve been scattered over three or four different websites over the years.  And as part of my mandate to become more organized when it comes to my online footprints, I finally buckled down, put this together and so here we are.

The Ferguson Theater is the place where you will find all my movie related stuff.  If it’s about  movies you’ll find it right here.

And I encourage you to email me at with suggestions.  I appreciate the time you spend here and I want to make sure this is a place you want to come back and visit.  So let me know what you want to see here, okay?

Okay, I’ve run my mouth enough.  Time for the reviews.  Thank you for coming to The Ferguson Theater.  Sit back and relax, enjoy the show.


7 thoughts on “The Ferguson Theater is open for business

  1. Hi Derrik, I chanced upon your reviews on the MovieBloggersNetwork page. You have so many reviews here which make me excited because I get to encounter films I never knew. 😀

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