Better In The Dark #140

Episode 140: THE SWAVE RIDDLE OF THE PURPLE CURSE (Special Guest: Kelen Conley)

The Boys Outta Brooklyn once more reunite with their Musical Director, Kelen ‘B-Hyphen’ Conley to examine the very peculiar, very short movie career of one Anthony Rodgers Nelson, a.k.a. Prince! From the seminal 80’s musical opus Purple Rain to the incomprehensibly bad Grafitti Bridge (a film one of us says is the worst film he’s ever seen!), the Boys Outta Brooklyn look at it all. Expect more Morris Day love than one podcast can bear, more catch-phrases than any other episode of BiTD and…the birth of The Swave! You know we will die for you, so get to clicking!

Two Guys Outta Brooklyn Talk Movies
Silver Age Comics Through Modern Eyes
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Nocturne, The City That Lives By Night….needs a darker shade of protector

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