Better In The Dark #138



Episode 138: AND SOON MAY THE HEADER MAN SKIN? (Special Guest Des Reddick)

It’s time for one of the highlights of the BiTD calender year, The Obscure Horror Episode, where Tom and Derrick once more team up with Dread Media’s own Des Reddick to pick a bunch of horror films you may not have heard of! From the bleak coming of (twisted) age story The Reflecting Skin to the disquieting snuff mockumentary S&Man to not one but two iterations of the atmospheric psychological thriller And Soon The Darkness, the Guys Outta Brooklyn–and Vancouver–serves up an hour and a half of conversation and movie recommendations for your Halloween festivals. Plus the debut of Clemens’ Peelers and the new film rating Ebola! There are too many pretty parts, so get to clicking!

Two Guys Outta Brooklyn Talk Movies
Silver Age Comics Through Modern Eyes
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Nocturne, The City That Lives By Night….needs a darker shade of protector

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